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09:01 pm: that assistant professor
I am taking a biochemistry lab. I took biochemistry a long time ago at UHCL during the summer. The instructor of this two credit hour lab, Dr. Wang, is not a very good teacher.

Upon mslilly's insistence, I missed the exam at 6 PM last Monday night knowing that I would have a doctor's note. I found out just before taking the make-up exam that the instructor had mailed a number of people in the class, excluding myself, a thorough explanation of the old test the morning before the exam. (We had gone over this info in class the week before rather quickly.) After having started the exam, this instructor came in and the first thing out of his mouth was a loud "Did you write this?" He was pointing at my note from the family physician. He had called the number of the note but there was no answer. I explained that our physician's office had closed just after my visit.

We were assigned this huge lab report. The class after we turned our reports in, he spent most of the period showing us how we should have written our reports. The lecture would have been very useful had it been given beforehand. I was late in turning this lab in because I couldn't make sense of the instructions for preparing the lab report. I went in to the instructor's office and was told to omit an entire paragraph of the instructions. I was still deducted the full 10% of the grade for each day the report was late. The time spent coping with the inadequacy of his instruction has cut into my prep time for a whole barrage of papers and exams this week and last.

I will start drafting my student evaluation of him soon. mslilly wants to start sending letters of protest, but I've asked her to wait until he assigns me a grade. Turns out the mother of one of the students - one of my lab partners - works very closely with my wife. This student dropped the class failing and had to return a good portion of the financial aid.

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