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March 17th, 2003

11:11 am: I paid $200 to Kountry Kar Klub to replace a water pump and transmission gasket. My car has become much easier to drive and the radiator is remaining cooler than in the past.

I stopped by lilly26's house today to find three cows in her front yard. It was one of those moments where I wish I had a camera on me. I called her landlord and discovered that this has happened before.

For the past three weeks I have been able to average eight shifts a week at Salad Express. However, this week I am only scheduled for six. I am trying to get a lighten my work load to accompany my lightened schedule. I pointed out to the store manager that most of the shifts I have been covering are opening and closing shifts.

The bathrooms on the fourth floor of Francisco Studios have been torn apart and the plumbing has been redone to allow for a 50 gallon water heater - a much anticipated improvement. Jason is asking everyone to donate fifty dollars toward his out-of-pocket expenses. I might have to wait until April to contribute.

Lilly26 and I will take some time apart this week. I hope to use the slack in my schedule to make some progress in cleaning my art space.

A couple of guys came by in a utility pickup to round up the livestock.

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March 10th, 2003

10:10 am: I went to a party at cixelsyduera's and roet's apartment with mslilly after work last night. The turn out was healthy and mslilly made a delicious desert to follow up cixelsyduera's delicious cooking. Eric brought a couple of his home-brewed wines.

March 9th, 2003

05:30 pm: Last night my neighbor, Rebecca, told me that the 4th floor artists created an anti-war poster. I haven't had a chance to see it yet.

mslilly and I returned from our trip to New Orleans and Mississippi. We then went to Brian Farley's birthday party at the Flying Saucer.

No more time to update now.

January 30th, 2003

08:46 am: very affordable living
I posted roommate ads at Dietrich's (two of the three) and at Cafe Artiste. I'm searching for a roommate to split the $325/mo. all bills paid (your share will be $162.50/mo.) rent on my 20'x25' downtown Houston art space. The location is about four blocks south of George R. Brown at Lamar and Dowling. The room is on the fourth floor of a music studio. The fourth floor is more focused on the visual and performance arts. I have unrestricted access to DSL via a router for $7/mo. The neighbors are nice and outgoing. Beginning dance classes across the hall run $5 per lesson. There is a final Saturday drumming circle in one of the rooms. Anyone interested?

January 8th, 2003

09:23 pm: I've spent the whole afternoon in the Clear Lake area with few demands on my time. I think I will sleep at my parents' house tonight. It's a good thing I brought my backpack. I will probably continue reading Seeing in the Dark. The subject of the book is amateur astronomy and the contributions it has made to science.

November 19th, 2002

09:45 pm: I've moved into the fourth floor of Francisco Studio's on McKinney. Beside serving as the residence for artists and practice space for musicians, the building houses a factory for fortune cookies. I will update more often once I have my DSL hooked up.

November 1st, 2002

09:24 am: I have just returned to my parent's place to find that I am downloading Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) at a rate of 50 KB/sec from 15 different sources. DSL is so cool!

October 31st, 2002

11:53 am: I rode my dad's two-seated bicycle today. He might trade it in toward the purchase of one that seats two side-by-side.

11:43 am: I spoke with the owner of Francisco Studios this morning. The word looks good - I might have to come up with $100 for the deposit and $325 for the first month's rent in the next couple of days. The room is 25'x20'x14'. Electricity is included in the rent.

October 20th, 2002

08:06 pm: My father has purchased a large number tropical plants at a discounted price. When I came over this evening, I felt like i was on the set of Jurassic Park. He wants to open a plant nursery. This idea might fly . . .

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