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markgro's Journal

4 March 1974
I used to be a barista for an incredibly cool and bohemian coffee shop called Not Su Oh at 314 Main in downtown Houston. I graduated from San Jacinto College South and University of Houston Clear Lake. I fairly recently married Melissa and we have a daughter, aged fifteen, named Burgundy and newborn boy named Holden. I live in the Clear Lake area near El Camino and El Dorado. I work for MTS at the Bay Area Boeing Building as a Depot Manager for the International Space Station. I have served as the director of educational programs for the Foundation for International Space Education. My email address is markgro at gmail dot com (Formatted oddly to throw off the machines.) My LiveJournal username is markgro but I don't really use my journal. Melissa's LiveJournal username is mslilly.

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